Monday, July 11, 2005

one more thing...

Some folks have been asking me about how/where to get the stuff

Right now items will be available at San Diego Comic Con

for me that includes:
'Afterworks' The E-Ville anthology containing "Champion: Chapter 1"
Champion T Shirts (varying sizes, Black White, Grey)
A few 8" by 10" Champion prints
Champion Flyers

frankly, merchandise is at least as much fun as making the comic :-)
so I may do more in the future..I've been testing out 20" by 30" photo
posters with exciting results

Anyhow, when the dust settles from San Diego. I'm sure we (E-Ville)
will be putting something in place for online sales
Do hang on in the meantime, I really appreciate the interest.



Anonymous Kieron said...

Have you got a direct link Simon, I can't find anything on that damn site :)


2:27 PM  
Blogger Brave_Sir_Robin said...

I think there are 4 million things
going on at the Con, so we'll only be listed in the small print somewhere

the E-ville blog is the best source for our Con info

mail me at work Tues
and we can 'talk' before I get on the plane



8:58 PM  
Blogger Brian Denham said...

Love your work! Can't wait to see this book.

The whole world is watching! Keep on Blogging...


1:54 AM  

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