Saturday, September 03, 2005

Champion Pinup Number 1

Now the book's out its time to share these...

This one is by the annoyingly talented Steve Purcell

Steve is of course the twisted genius behind 'Sam and Max'.
Yes, I mean that brilliant Comic / Computer Game / Animated
Series from the mid-nineties.

check these out:

Pulp Fiction

another something of mine from the book...

Very Very Late Con Photos

After being a bit slack with the postings I finally got around to
uploading some Comic Con photos. Including the obligatory
'Girl in Leia Slave Outfit' shot.

Thats my drunken face top right, in a white 'Champion' T Shirt
..I still have some in White or Black for sale :-)

Since Con, I've had a long lazy break, so now its back to work.
Not only am I planning whats next for the Champion but in the
short term I also have a neat commision, perhaps more about
that later.

Those E-Ville Boys are on the Case already with a new 'Afterworks'
site and a nifty internet sales thingy is in the pipeline.